Aasman started on 15th of June 2017 to bring change in the restaurant industry in Patna. Aasman is totally a contemporary concept bringing music and food together and making it more happening place in Patna. As Bihar has  Become a Dry state under our chief Minister Mr Nitish Kumar, so very few places where youth and family could go and enjoy their self apart from normal indian restaurant serving before us in Patna.

With Aasman we have brought a change in the restaurant industry in Bihar where we have Live Music which happens on weekends and we call different artists to perform. Our cuisine is totally fusion to blend with the taste of Patna.

As Name Aasman which means limitless , we tried to bring different events to Aasman so guest who visit us , everytime they have boundless experience with us along with food. Our open terrace view is another eye catching space where you get full bird view of patna. We have many planters in the restaurant which itself connects to the nature and bring the ambiance more lively.